Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Clubber

I saw this woman in English Bay / Stanley Park area on the weekend,
decked out in her 'clubbin'' gear, walking in heels along the water.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is "clubbin'" gear?

are you implying that you are better than she is, simply because she likes to shake her bon-bon?

For Shame!

Jon Affolter said...

who the f--- ?

anyways...nice pic, steph

Jon Affolter said...

AAAAND.... "clubbin" gear is obviously clothes for clubbing. Nothing is wrong with clubbing, but there is something wrong with walking around in public wearing short-skirts that look like they're made out of solar-reflective material and leave nothing to the imagination. How can these people dress so ridiculously when it's 0 degrees and raining out. That, MR/MRS. Anonymous, is just stupid.

Dan Yu said...

Cool stuff Stefay!
I've linked your site on mine and posted some new stuff. Come and check 'em out.