Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Layout

I've been working on my Fast Food designs, but nothing worth scanning in yet. In the meantime, i finally got rid of the heinous pink background and put this up instead. The picture was taken in July at almost-sunset down at English Bay.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fast Food Nation

These are a couple of rough character ideas for a model pack i'm going to start working on about some employees at a fast food restaurant.

The cast so far includes:

  • old senile man who wears bunny slippers to work, dresses in a 50s diner-type of style, reminiscent of his younger years, always messes up the orders.
  • chubby woman who is all paranoid about her coworkers
  • a younger girl who pretends she's britney spears, because she wears that head microphone thing like britney does when she performs.
  • younger, slimey guy who, when someone orders something, keeps calling out the supersized version even if they didn't want it to keep upselling.
  • Manager of the store who is still in highschool and carries around a math textbook (thanks to Al for that idea). I may get rid of the Upsizer guy in favour of this manager, rather than keeping them both.

Then my plan is to work on expressions / poses for each. I want to work more with single characters rather than just do up a new character each day and then chuck it to the bin, you know?

Plus, this way i get to design some layouts of the restaurant which should be fun.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Are Family

My scanner stinks - i have to mega-darken everything to get it to scan in properly. Urg.