Monday, July 31, 2006

Project Runway

On season 2 of this fantastic show, there was a guy named Santino who was just the funniest guy to watch. I'm sure the editors made him out to be a lot worse than he was, but he was one of those characters that just MADE the show, you know? ANyhow, i was rewatching my copies of season 2 on the weekend, and sorta doodled this - a caricature of him.

And here is a generic girl.


dan szilagyi said...

hey alright! a local artist that i met on blogger, you got some really nice designs and drawings here, keep it up and drop me a line sometime too

-frank said...

the guy on top is all sorts of awesome!

Jon Affolter said...

NICE! Santino looks like quite the character. Like alot of the hippies i knew back in Nelson. Sweet designs!