Friday, August 04, 2006

Fast Food Nation

These are a couple of rough character ideas for a model pack i'm going to start working on about some employees at a fast food restaurant.

The cast so far includes:

  • old senile man who wears bunny slippers to work, dresses in a 50s diner-type of style, reminiscent of his younger years, always messes up the orders.
  • chubby woman who is all paranoid about her coworkers
  • a younger girl who pretends she's britney spears, because she wears that head microphone thing like britney does when she performs.
  • younger, slimey guy who, when someone orders something, keeps calling out the supersized version even if they didn't want it to keep upselling.
  • Manager of the store who is still in highschool and carries around a math textbook (thanks to Al for that idea). I may get rid of the Upsizer guy in favour of this manager, rather than keeping them both.

Then my plan is to work on expressions / poses for each. I want to work more with single characters rather than just do up a new character each day and then chuck it to the bin, you know?

Plus, this way i get to design some layouts of the restaurant which should be fun.


Jon Affolter said...

NIICE!! The fat lady reminds me of this woman i worked with. *shudder* i still wake up screaming at night with her screech in my head. Awesome expressions, though.

Rick Capistrano said...

"..a younger girl who pretends she's britney spears, because she wears that head microphone thing like britney does when she performs.."

that's hilarious. I like the idea alot. good job Steph!

Sloth said...

LOL the grandpaw Pwns! reminds me a bit of the one in 8 crazy nights, although they loook nothing alike, hmmm maybe its the face

jenman of the universe! Kaboom! said...

Hey look who i just accidently found! YOU! You are becoming one solid cartoonist my dear. rock on! yo! yo! i hope youre enjoying your life these days.
I'm way out in Saint John New Brunswick these days...the lamest, stinkiest, more boring city on the ENTIRE planet. me and Tom are working at a little studio here! well i am anyway...tom is leaving me. sniff!
thats the short version! we'll see you in van city someday. not yet though.
so long

Kyle Marshall said...

Holly smokes, your making leaps and bounds in your drawing, great work

-frank said...

goodness gracious that old man kicks all sorts of ass

Anonymous said...

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SAL said...

How about a mexican american father of 8 who was tranferred into mangement at a slaughterhouse because he lost his arm in an accident on the killing floor?
Ooooh the visuals....
Have you read the book steph?

Love your designs btw...

Anonymous said...

Check out this comic strip about a fast food burger joint. Tula knows a guy who is friends with the guy who created it.

Anonymous said...

OMB! Steph your cartoons are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!