Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zach Braff Caricature Sketch

Think I might try to paint this one, time permitting.


DdK said...

pffft, art is about time management. If you have time to watch TV, do your laundry, brush your teeth or any other superfluous activity, you have time to paint your pic, which, incidentally, is awesome.
No excuses dammit!

Mr. Sable said...

holy cats. I licked on your blog and recognized him immediately -instantly. Impressive! and well done.

Steph.F. said...

DDK: Sir! Yes sir! I'll get right on it. Actually it should be fun, I haven't done a full painting for a few months now. Thanks for the kick in the derriere.

Mr. Sable: Thank you for licking my blog. :)
And (in all seriousness) I very much appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Michael D said...

great stuff Steph. I haven't seen this actor anywhere in about a year and I still recognized him right away with no hesitation. Your caricatures just keep getting better and better.
I finally set up my very first blog today. Only a couple of little drawings on it so far. How large of a JPEG do you find is good enough? Is 50 KB too large?

Steph.F. said...

Thanks Michael!

I'd say 50kb is totally fine for a blog. I usually do mine by pixel size rather than file size, so i aim for a jpg that's about 700px high (and whatever subsequent width).

If you're not sure, you can always do the whole 'save for web' thang in Photoshop and it'll still be a good quality image in a conveniently low byte sized package.

Anonymous said...

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