Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hey Friends, how's it goin'...

So artistswanted.com started this contest for artists from anywhere to submit a self-portrait of themselves in any type of medium they wanted. Even tattoo art, which is pretty stellar of them. The selling feature for me to enter was the fact that the exquisitely awesome Steve Buscemi is one of the judges.

So these are my submissions. If you win, you get to choose between a prize of $7007 or 6months free living in New York (i totally chose the NY option). Also the portfolio with the highest rating can win $1000. So if anyone out there who happens to be reading this right now feels like voting for me, you can click here and scroll down to the bottom and click on those stars there to rate me. Thanks friends!


Sean Covernton said...

done and done. I'll revisit and keep voting. Good luck, champ!

Sean Covernton said...

On the contrary I'd like to pick your brain about painting. You're the one with all the fancy high end work these days!